2021/04/06 – A new(ish) start

Today marks a new(ish) start for me.

Why the “ish”?

I’m not moving to a new company, nor changing my role from a tester to something like a developer or scrum master.

So what am I doing?

After around 5 years in the MI & Data space, where my SQL knowledge grew by an incredible amount and gave me the confidence to train others, I have moved to a new team.

I will be in the Information Security Product team.

dun dun dunnnn

What does this mean for me?

Hopefully, the opportunity to learn about security more, how to test it, how it all connects, access levels, and things I’m not aware of now but will get a chance to try out. I’m really looking forward to it, as I’ve been slowly building up interest and knowledge in security testing, but now I will have somewhere I can put it into practice.

Not a big post this week, but I wanted to share this news, as it may lead to me sharing what I have learned in future blogs.

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